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Using AmiQuote with Stator-AFM for Historical Data

Open AmiQuote and add a ticker symbol for each of your trades.
Give it a name like Stator-AFM.tls
Whenever you need to update the historical data you can
open AmiQuote, open the .tls file, set the source to
Yahoo Historical (EOD, stocks, funds, US & International (50)),
set the From: date to a long time ago, make sure automatic import is off,
and click on the green arrow.

AmiQuote will pull down the end of day data from Yahoo and store
it into a series of files in C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\AmiQuote\Download

Each file will use the ticker symbol as the file name and have a .aqh extension.

The first few lines of one of my current files looks like

The first line gives the ticker symbol.
Each line after that has the date, open, high, low, volume, and high.

To get all of this into Stator-AFM, you need to define a new DataSource Template.
If you go into Tools:DataSource Manager and select DataSource Templates
you will be able to define a new template. You can call it something like AmiQuote.
The default path will be the directory where AmiQuote stores the .aqh files.
I don’t know if you should check the Update “Current Price” button or not.
You should check the Use as a Chartig HQ DataSource.
Check the Data Order (New to Old) button.
The date format is d-m-yyyy. There is no option for dd-mm-yyyy, but the d-m-yyyy seems
to work just fine. Time format does not matter. Field Separator is a comma.
Decimal Separator is a period. Ignore First Lines is 1 (for the $NAME entry).
Volume Multiplier is 1. Implied Decimals is 0. Filename (Prefix/Suffix) is blank.
Filename (extension) is “.aqh” without the quotes.

Once you have created the DataSource, select it and click Set Default.

After that, you will need to update the the ticker symbol list whenever you
purchase a stock you have not traded before. And you will have to run
AmiQuote manually whenever you want to update the historical data.

It is worth noting that everytime you run AmiQuote with the Stator-AFM.tls file,
the .aqh file will be overwritten rather than appended to. So you have to remember
to set the From: data back a long ways whenever you update the historical data.

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